Boxing Day

TreeIt is now the day after Christmas. There were many gifts under the tree, too many really, but some very useful things among the packages. Saphyre is graduating from high school this spring, so next fall she'll be living elsewhere and in need of many housekeeping items. In one day she received enough to be able to survive by just adding food. From dishes to a microwave oven, she is not wanting for much now. Parker, as usual, needed more goalie equipment, and a new mask is what he wanted most this year. He got some tools, clothes and electronic gear too.

I gave Roxanne a nice watch, but where she hasn't had one for a few months, this one is taking some getting used to. It is a bit larger than the one she had. Hey! I just discovered, when I got the link to the picture, that the watch is now on sale. I never buy things unless that is the case, but this was the only watch I could find that I liked. We have now decided to bring it back, and put the money towards a George Foreman Grill (when it goes on sale), plus a different, less expensive watch. 'Tis the season for exchanges...

I got the one big present I was asking for - a Leatherman Super Tool 200. I actually wanted the Wave model, but this one is top-of-the-line. It will replace a rather inexpensive multi-tool I've worn out in about 2 years of use. The new one has a 25 year guarantee.

The big meals are still ongoing. I've probably put on all the weight I lost over the summer and fall. The boxes of sweets and cookies don't help either. Going to have to take advantage of the nice days and get outside for some exercise on a more regular basis. It has been warm and damp the past couple days, and just about all our snow is gone. I was looking forward to trying cross-country skiing next year, so I hope we get more soon.