Kitchen Renovation - Phase 3

After nearly a year of living with one side of the kitchen brand new (Phase 2), and the other side a modified original (Phase 1), I decided to make both ends match. While very functional, it just looked weird.

It was tough tearing out all the work I had done a few months before, but necessary. I also had to relocate the doorbell and change the electrical.

The wall was opened up again where I had previously rewired for the new refrigerator location, but larger, plus a new opening for another outlet. Everything was drawn out on the walls, so I knew where to position the boxes.

For this renovation, I ran a new wire from the breaker panel. This meant also opening up the ceiling in the basement over my mother's kitchen and using the existing run through her dining room.

The outlet for the fridge had to be moved to make room for the left cabinet, and the new outlet was run from there. I used 20 amp wire, but only a 15 amp breaker. It could be upgraded, if ever necessary.

Once that work done, I could begin closing things up again.

With everything back together and powered up, two green lights on the tester are what I wanted to see again.

The doorbell was easily moved to the hallway side of the wall. The phone jack was left in place, but will also have to be moved, if we ever get a house phone again.

With the hidden work and painting completed, I could start attaching the boxes to the wall. A test fit confirmed how I was going to go about it.

I started with the tall cabinet again, and worked across right to left. A planer was borrowed to fit the spacers to either side of the middle cabinet.

With the doors are on, the job is looking nearly compete. Just waiting on the section of counter top.

Appliances moved in means the end of this phase of the kitchen upgrade.

This time it was done almost 3 weeks before Christmas.