The New Shed - Phase 10

Following the relatively snowless winter of 2015/2016, we had a normal wet and cool spring. Newfoundland weather is generally poor, with a scattering of really nice days that make you forget that fact for a few hours. This makes anything done outside a challenge.

For most of the year a section of my backyard is what one would call soggy. It never used to be, since as a kid we used to grow vegetables there, but lately boots are recommended to walk around that area. I have to keep a ditch open so melt and rain water can at least partially flow away.

April 8 and the last of the snow is melting.

The location of the new shed/garage/workshop was partially chosen because it tends to be a little dryer, and the ground firmer. This is another reason the concrete was put above ground with a single pour, and not dug down for footings, etc. While waiting for the far back conditions to improve, I was instructed to build a fence in the near back to keep the dogs in. We had recently acquired a 14 yo Shih Tzu mix from family who could no longer have a dog, to go along with our 6 yo American Eskimo Dog mix, and the two leashes setup wasn't working.

Lucy and Katie happy to be free of their leashes.

After about 3 weeks, with the new fence completed, and the dogs able to run freely around, efforts went back on the shed. Supplies were delivered, and work began on building the walls. A pneumatic framing nailer helped speed that along, but it is still slow going working by yourself most of the time.

June 8: 2"x4"x8' and 4'x8' sheets of aspenite (OSB)
First the back wall was assembled, since that was the simplest, and then the front wall with the two doors, a 9' wide garage door, and a 3' wide steel entrance. Some friends popped by to help with the lifts.

2 walls up and two just about ready to be lifted.

July 17: All 4 walls up.
With the walls in place, some opening were needed, so the doors were cut out. It was finally starting to look like a garage/shed/workshop.

The opening cut for the doors

It was now after the middle of July, and there was still a lot of work to be done. Next on the list is the trusses.

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