Closing the 2013 Motorcycle Season

It is November 16. Most of my friends have long ago put their bikes away for the winter. But, I was holding out for one more ride, and today was pretty good. The temperature got up over 10C (50F), and mostly sunny, with very little wind. I had some things to do, so I couldn't go far, but I could use the bike to get around town, and take the long routes. With the tank topped up, and Sea Foam and stabilizer added, I set off on my errands. I only saw two other motorcycles, however, a Gold Wing and a sport bike.

On the way home I stopped by the pond at the end of my street and took a couple of pictures to mark the day. There were lots of cars parked in the area, as people were out enjoying a stroll around the boardwalk.



Once I was home and it had cooled down, It got a wash, and was done not too long before the sun went down. The days are short now.


I left it to dry, but after supper the temperature had dropped quickly, and the remaining droplets were all frozen. Tomorrow is supposed to be almost as nice, so I will have to take it out again to finish drying, and maybe get a coat of wax.

Looks like I put less than 1000km on this year. Still thinking about downsizing for the amount of use it gets, but it is such a nice bike.