Good-bye LOcom

LewisporteOnline.com has expired. For two years I maintained a website at that URL, and for about five years previously it had been on various servers as The Lewisporte Web Mall. For most of that time it failed to pay for itself, so it was allowed to die when URL came up for renewal. HalEnt.ca still has some life left, but it is not currently directed anywhere.

This is all a part of closing Haliburton Enterprises. I put nearly 9 years into that business, and it has yet to make an annual gross profit even in the mid-three figures. I've realized that it was mostly just an expensive hobby that may have kept me from growing a good career for myself. Over the next few weeks I have to finish up all the odds and ends so that I can put this lesson behind me.

This means I am now even more actively seeking full-time employment. Prospects don't look very good here at Lewisporte, so I'm also preparing to move in the new year - should that become a requirement. Let me know if you hear of an opening for someone with experience in business, computers, land surveying, sales, handyman, marketing, shipping & receiving, design, or anything, really, I can use to get back on my feet again. There is not much I can't do at one skill level or another, and I don't mind starting near the bottom.