Master, Limited - Almost

The requirements for becoming a tour/charter boat (<60gt/around 50') captain, in Minor or Home Trade IV Waters, are as follows:
  • 2 months (480 hours) of sea time aboard similar vessels (>5gt/8m) to which you will be working on.
  • Marine Emergency Duties A2 - Small Vessel Safety
  • Marine Basic First Aid (I took Marine Advanced First Aid)
  • Restricted Operator's Certificate - Maritime Commercial (I obtained an ROC-M previously)
  • Ship Master's Medical Examination
  • Transport Canada 040 Chartwork and Pilotage exam for the waters of operation
  • Transport Canada 061 Navigation Safety exam
  • Complete an oral/on-board examination
This week I completed the 3-day ROC-MC (99% final mark!), so all I have left to do is get my sea time officially signed for, and be quizzed aboard the vessel I'll be operating. The 040 exam I did was for the Minor Waters of PEI, so I'd have to do another one of those if I find a job in a different area. For example, the Bay of Exploits, where I live and do most of my boating, is classed as Home Trade IV. The cost of all this is up over $1000 so far, and currently no solid work prospects in this field. Should you know of anything, please contact me.