The Changing of the Kayaks

Mike and the kayaksMy lovely, nearly new WS Tempest 170 sea kayak is gone. Mike showed up at 7 this morning to make the exchange. The movers were packing his stuff up today for the move to BC, so he had to get it back in time to be put on the truck.

What I have now is his WS Cape Horn 15. It is a good kayak, but a big step down - in my opinion. I lose the skeg, which I really liked, and now have a rudder. It is also 1.5 feet shorter (as you can see in the picture of both taken Sept. 2003). There were a couple times out in the Tempest where I would have traded some of its high secondary stability for a bit more primary stability, and the Cape Horn has plenty of that, so it is not all bad. I might also appreciate the extra room in the cockpit.