Training Time

There are about 6 weeks until the next Raid Avalon. This one, being a winter event, will use different equipment than the last race. I've done a little bit of snowshoeing on my father's old wood and leather pair, but yet to do any cross-country skiing. I spent some time reading up on the available gear, and getting to know a little bit about the sport. Some decisions were made on what to get and I should have the complete package by the weekend.

For the past couple months I've been doing push-ups and stretching. Recently I added sit-ups back into the mix. I want to be able to easily do 50 of each at a time by the race. Walking/running around the pond was getting a little boring, so today I went for a 90 minute hike in the woods and over the bogs. I loaded up my backpack and attached the snowshoes to it. That extra weight really makes a difference. I'm going to train with it overloaded.

I don't know for sure if I'll be able to compete in the race, but preparing for it is a good excuse to get outside and get some exercise. I don't think I have stopped eating since Thanksgiving, and have been afraid to step on the scale. If I take to the X-C skiing, and the weather cooperates, I'll be looking forward to seeing what my weight has fallen to. :)
Karhu Pioneer X-C Ski