The New Shed - Phase 6

So, here we are at the end of August, more than a year after starting work on the new shed/garage/workshop, and there is not much to show for it. Last summer we stripped the sod, started framing the form, and spread a truck load of gravel. This year, what we have done is level the form again, and spread another load of gravel.

April 28

July 18

Not to make excuses,  but this year time and weather have been against us. Work had to completed on the sailboat so that it could be moved out of the way. A lack of local supplies delayed that a few weeks pushing us into July. Before that, the ground was too wet and soft from the winter snow melt and spring rains.

July 25

The month of July itself was the worst in about 20 years. It was cold and wet, with bitter winds out of the north most days. On the good days my job took priority, as we struggled to keep up with the workload caused by the weather delays.

August 29

Now that the second load of gravel has been spread and levelled, the crushed stone can be delivered. Once that is distributed, the form can be completed, foam laid, and concrete poured.
I'm still hopeful of getting the shed closed in this year. The foundation is the most difficult and time consuming part. There is a team of friends and family ready to help with the framing, and we can probably work until the end of November on the exterior. Inside work can take place all winter.

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