The Petrel Project - Update 1

In my previous post, I talked about how water was entering the cockpit while sailing. The cockpit drain plugs have been disassembled, gone through a rust removal process (brushed, sanded, WD40), and reassembled. After a recent bit of rain, however, it appears that they were not the source of the leak. Even with the inside of the boat dry, water is dripping from the bottom of the boat around the area of the centerboard trunk.

A closer inspection showed that a section of the floor is pushed up. When you push down on it, water exits from one of the seams. So, the flotation foam is saturated, and water is able to flow both in and out of the boat via this route. Since the boat did not leak last year, winter ice must have done the damage.

Water leaking out. It looks like the hull was patched before.

This could be a scary repair, requiring drilling out rivets and partially dismantling the boat to get at the problem. That is not something I want to tackle this summer, so my next challenge will be to find the source of the leak, and just patch it for this summer.

Water is entering along this seam.

In the meantime, the Petrel will have to stay parked until I get time to work on it later in the summer.