The New Shed - Phase 2

Spring in Newfoundland can be rather cool and wet. First the ground was soggy from all the melting snow, and then all the rain. By the end of June 2014, however, the weather changed, and we entered an unusually long stretch of hot, dry weather. This allowed the back lawn to dry out, and firm up enough to try moving the metal shed.

The first job was to move the fabric shed. It had to be shifted closer to the house to make some space. After that, I gathered up 8 junks of wood of approximately the same diameter to use as rollers, some blocks for a fulcrum, and a 2"x6"x4' board for a lever.

The shed up on rollers and rotated. July 12, 2014

Using the lever I was able to lift the now empty shed up off the corner blocks, and place the rollers under it on two sides. Then, using the lever, I rotated the shed 90 degrees, and pushed it. The effort required was easier than I expected as we moved it from the back corner of the lawn to the back of the driveway next to the other shed. The corner blocks were put back under, and the shed reloaded.

The lever and I put that shed in its place.

Then my sister and niece came to visit for a couple of weeks, and no more work was done. After they returned home to Ontario, I worked out what the GPS coordinates for the new shed corners were, and invited my boss to give me a hand staking them out. They checked within tolerance for size and square. I was ready for the town inspection.

The corner stakes as of August 7.

My wife called down, and discovered that not all my documents were on file, and that the preliminary building permit had expired after a year. We had to redo everything and pretty much start from scratch with the town.

When the inspector dropped by, and looked things over. He said that the floor area was acceptable, but that new regulations stated that the height could not be over 4m (13') now. That would flatten my roof, and make the upstairs storage area pretty much impossible.

After chatting some more, and looking around, he noted that there were no houses back there, only a couple neighbour sheds which were barn style, and quite a bit larger than the one I had planned. It might be possible to get around the height restriction in this case. He would get back to me.

2 neighbours barn-style sheds, and my 3 old ones.

A couple days later we got the call to come get the building permit. The height as submitted would be allowed, on stipulation that the shed was shifted half a meter toward the street. I didn't have a problem with that, and immediately went down and paid my $25. Now the real work can begin.

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