Finally, a new Computer

Dell 2400 The computer I had been using was one I bought second-hand in 1996. It was a P120 over-clocked to 133MHz and, until recently, running Windows 95. Last year I upgraded the HDD from 1.2GB to 6, but there were now problems with the modem and the CD-ROM drive on top of constant lock-ups, so one of us had to go. I won.

Today, right around lunch time, my new Dell Dimension 2400, 2.2Ghz P4 system arrived. I instantly gained at least 30 times more speed, 8 times more RAM, nearly 7 times more HDD space, Windows XP, and USB ports! I was going to buy a used computer, but for very little more I was able to get much more current technology, and my first new machine in about 16 years.

I'm not sure what I will do with the old computer, but perhaps I can use it to run Linux. That might be interesting.